The Holy Grail of 928´s


We have found it!

Many have been looking for the most outstanding 928 available... few would think it is has been hiding in a heated barn from the 18:th century in the countryside of Sweden.

The owner, a retired gentleman, opens the doors to what looks like a regular outhouse. We are having troubles bealieving our eyes. The 928 located behind those doors pops out like a cherry. Our first impression; it looks brand new, like it rolled out of the Porsche factury just yesterday.

Amazonas green, a color hard to define. In certain light it looks blue, in other green, sometimes dark grey or black. The factory custom painted rims are painted in the very same color, its looks prestine. This is a classic car model, yet this particular one looks modern, like a car from today. But we all know that is not the case, the model discontinued in 1995.

When the owner open up the doors and boot, we need sunglasses. We have seen 928´s with white leather before, but this is on a new level. Everything is covered in white leather, even the vents and speaker covers, this is nothing we expected to see ever, yet here it is, looking fabulos!

The car is in mint condition, some protective plastic of the interior is still present, the protective stickers behind the wheelhouses are still there. This car is hardly breaked in as it seems. Lucky us to get a test drive and an opertunity to take some pictures.

-If this is not the Holy Grail of 928´s, we dont know what is.



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